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    $50 off 2 bumpers, code: 2Bumpers SHOP NOW

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    Classic Series Swing Out Utility Rack/Tire Carrier Kit

    Starting at $395.00 (Includes free shipping)

    Versatile, durable, and sleek, our Swing Out Tire Carrier Kit is the newest addition to MOVE’s signature DIY product family. Details »


    This Tire Carrier Kit Isn’t Available for Your Specific Build...Yet.

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    NOTE: This product is only compatible with MOVE’s Classic Series bumpers at this time.


    We couldn't find a utility rack for trucks that fit all our needs, so we built it ourselves. Introducing MOVE's Swing Out Utility Rack/Tire Carrier Kit: the only full clearance, swing out utility rack/tire carrier of its kind that is compatible with nearly all truck & SUV makes and models. This kit can be installed permanently, or you can use the attached bolts to easily add and remove it to and from your truck as needed.

    We offer the kit in both driver's and passenger's sides, and whether you install one or both, our tire carrier is 100% full clearance, allowing for full use of your truck's bed. It's practical, versatile, and sturdy enough to hold up in the toughest conditions.

    NOTE: This product is only compatible with MOVE’s Classic Series bumpers. Look out for the Precision Series Swing Out Utility Rack/Tire Carrier Kit, coming soon.

    *Free shipping in the continental U.S. valid on all bumper kits, gear, and lights. Shipping charges may apply to any parts and/or accessories that are ordered individually.